Thyroid shield use in CBCT

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Keith Horner
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 How many of you use a thyroid shield for CBCT? If you do, what is your reason? If you don’t use it, what is your reason?  Also if you do, what style/manufacturer of shield do you use?

Hugh Devlin
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Thyroid shielding

The use of lead shielding leads to a reduction of the absorbed doses and effective dose to the thyroid and cervical spine. See
"Dose reduction in maxillofacial imaging using low dose Cone Beam CT by Kostas Tsiklakis, Catherine Donta, Sophia Gavala, Kety Karayianni, Vasiliki Kamenopoulou, Costas J. Hourdakis in European Journal of Radiology Volume 56, Issue 3, Pages 413-417 December 2005".