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Work package 6: Training and Valorisation

This package is about “Training and Valorisation”. Any set of guidelines is worthless without effective dissemination and use in training. Dissemination can be seen in the greater context of project valorisation. According to the European Commission, valorisation can be defined as: ‘the process of enhancing or optimising project outcomes through experimentation and exploitation with a view to increasing their value and impact.’  Our proposed research encompasses this process by using a web-based strategy and involving stakeholders (professionals and public) in its design. This is in broad accord with the Commission’s strategy for e-health, empowering health professionals and citizens with the information needed to make effective decisions about clinical care.

The main tool in this will be the website that you are visiting. Over the duration of the project the website will grow in size and sophistication. At the moment it is merely the means of awareness raising and a host for the project intranet. Eventually we see it as an “open access” vehicle for information, for all stakeholders, about CBCT.


  1. To perform a needs analysis amongst the professional community and public so as to provide an opportunity for public and expert participation in design of content.
  2. To provide a robust and cost-effective means of delivery of on-line training and information dissemination.
  3. To provide an open repository of knowledge and experience on CBCT, including the Guidelines developed by Work package 1.
  4. To facilitate growth and sharing of knowledge and experience.
  5. To ensure continued support and maintenance of the resources developed in the Work package beyond the lifetime of the project