Dose index for dental cone beam CT

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Christie Theodorakou
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 We are trying to define a dose index that will be appropriate to assess the dose and dose distribution for a range of dental cone beam CT units and clinical protocols. 

Could you please let us know what type of ionisation chambers are available in your department? We would like to know the manufacturer, model and if possible, the diameter and the length of the chamber (excluding the cable).
How long are you willing to spend in measuring the dose index for a dental cone beam CT during a QA visit?
Ruben Pauwels
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RE: Dose index

Regarding the time spent for measuring, that's an interesting factor. In that aspect, the DAP is very practical, as it just needs a single measurement (or maybe 1 or 2 repeats) per protocol. The fact that you don't need a phantom is another benefit.

Many devices are reporting the DAP, only a few provide 'CTDI' values (like Accuitomo & NewTom). This will mainly be because of the well-known issues with CTDI and pencil beams for dental CBCT, but there could be this time factor as well.