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CBCT Overview


Technical Description of CBCT

Main article: Technical Description of CBCT

This page shows the working behind the CBCT technique, and shows the step-by-step process of image acquisition, reconstruction, visualization and manipulation.

Descriptions of the Dental clinical uses of CBCT

Main article: Dental uses of CBCT

The various uses of CBCT within Dentistry. 

Radiation Issues

Radiation doses and risks of CBCT

Main article: Radiation Doses and Risks of CBCT

As an X-ray imaging modality, CBCT examinations result in a certain dose uptake for the patient. This radiation dose is variable, affected by a number of factors.

A strategy for Radiation Protection of patients

Main article: CBCT Radiation Protection for Patients

An important aspect of optimisation of dental CBCT use, is to lower the patients dose uptake as much as possible, using different strategies.

A strategy for Radiation Protection of staff

Main article: CBCT Radiation Protection for Staff

Personnel dose is strictly regulated by most national councils. Operators of CBCT devices should be protected against scattered radiation.

Dose Maps for CBCT

Main article: CBCT dose maps

Creating dose maps, depicting the amount of scattered radiation at various locations in the vicinity of the CBCT device, plays an important part in the protection of personnel.

Quality Control

A Quality Assurance Programme for users of CBCT

Main article: CBCT Quality Assurance Plan

The Quality Assurance process is vital in order to provide confidence in the suitability of an imaging technique for its intended purpose and to ensure its safe use in clinical use. It is usually performed by using a test phantom in conjuction with software routines that help in the interpretation of the results.

Information about Quality Control Test Tools for CBCT

Main article: CBCT Quality Control Test Tools

The use of a specifically designed phantom, with a size and densities resembling those of dental interest is necessary. A variety of test objects shall be included in the phantom body (as inserts) for the testing of the imaging performance characteristics, such as High Contrast Resolution, Low Contrast Resolution, Geometric Accuracy, Spatial Resolution and others. A software tool may be used for the automated analysis of the phantom imaging results and the evaluation of image quality.

Evidence-based Referral / Selection Criteria for CBCT

Main article: Evidence Based Referral (Selection) Criteria for CBCT

Referral (or selection) criteria are a type of clinical guideline, designed to help in the process of justification of an X-ray examination. This section contains a detailed description of these guidelines.

CBCT Resources

Anatomical CBCT reference image library

Main article: CBCT Image Reference Library

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Technical comparison of different CBCT machines

Main article: Comparison of CBCT Machines

There are a variety of CBCT machines on the market, this section provides an overview of the products on offer from some of the major manufacturers.

Scientific publications on CBCT

Main article: Publications on CBCT

A list of journal articles relevant to Dental CBCT, updated monthly.